Tuesday, July 26, 2011

pick ups

I was reading on jean's blog about a pick up she wanted to photogragh. Made me think of this news clipping I saved one Summer about the Denillquin Ute Muster.

A "ute" is an Australian invention:  a woman (in the 30's) told her husband her ideal car was one for use on the farm that she could ride to church in on Sunday. Hence the utility vehicle.
I don't think she anticipated this!


  1. Too funny! Yes, well with the heat that we are having (that and humidity) I could use one of those right about now! Hmmm, those types of trucks are called something different here in the States, and darned if I can't recall what they are called at the moment! I will remember and let you know.

  2. How amusing, it is a wonder how someone can come up with an idea like this one.