Sunday, March 24, 2013

Playing around

I have been playing around trying to work out how to do this pattern.
It's from 
"The Quilter's Album of Blocks & Borders" by Jinny Beyer.
 There are no measurements or instructions, so

  I have been practising with paper.

See anything wrong?

There are supposed to be 2 different blocks not 2 piles exactly the same!

I think I have worked it out.
Now tell me there is a pattern using the trapezium shape!
I think this is called the 'Y-version' of tumbling blocks.
Now for the fabric.


  1. This will be another fabulous quilt!!!!! I love your blues.

  2. Yes, you found the tumbling blocks! By a clever use of dark and light colours you can reinforce the effect of the tumbling blocks.
    Nice puzzling isn't it?

  3. This design is also called "Inner City". If you search for that you will find lots of versions online.

  4. Look good looking forward to seeing more,