Wednesday, June 15, 2016


My latest quilt is all in one piece
and basted ready to quilt.
But hard to photograph.
To start with I took it outside so you could see how these leaves have turned.
Not a good shot of the quilt though.
 So then I tried inside.
Do you like the silhouette?
Still can't see the pattern though.
 Hmm. A bit better. A bit wrinkled.
It's a simple cross design in 2 fabrics. Minimalist.

The next big decision: which thread?
A sashiko look or just blue on blue texture?


  1. whauw, I jusr love this, the blue the pattern. Whauw.

  2. Simple, very elegant. I would go with sashiko too.

  3. Love the minimalist look - which picture is truest for the colours?