Friday, July 28, 2017

Bodfari to Prestatyn

Yippee! We did it!

So that's that. Did you have a good time?

We have walked nearly 300 kilometres. Thanks for your help.

We started the day in pouring rain and set up the first big hill straight away.


Our destination was in sight most of the day.

I started to feel nostalgic about the sign post we have been following for weeks but

not about the stiles! We counted over 40 today. That's about one every 10 minutes,

including stone ones.

We slowed here for a while hoping the cows would let us through the gate.

I am not very brave in the face of large farm animals.

Tantalisingly close.


The beach!

Now for the holiday.



  1. Congratulations!! It's been so good following along with you and seeing the beautiful countryside of our old homeland. Stirring lots of memories, the lush green fields, stone walls, stiles, lovely cottages and of course the cows!

  2. Thank you and congratulations. I have really enjoyed sharing your holiday in photos. Scenery was amazing and I even like the cows although they can be a little daunting.

  3. Well done, and yes, I had a wonderful time looking at your pictures. Thank you!

  4. Congratulations! It's been a beautiful walk to follow. I hope you enjoy some well earned down time now.

  5. Great effort!And now for the canals.

  6. How gorgeous! What a great journey!

  7. Cannot wait to hear how the next step went. Safe travels