Friday, September 29, 2017

100 blocks!

It's done....



Can you see my layout?

Dark centre, light border, dark border, light and then dark again.

It's hard to show the true colours.

This progress shot is the best representation.

I am now digging into the cupboard for backing.



  1. Lovely! I could see the layout.

  2. It's been fun to watch this come together on IG! Such a lovely finish. Do you have ideas on how you might quilt it?

  3. It's wonderful!! A scrappy churn dash has been on my list for a few years. Your colors and variety of prints make this warm and comforting--just the type of quilt someone could use daily for years and years and always find new things to love about it.

  4. Wonderful, and I love the layout: it's subtle but clever.

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  6. Still one of my favourite block patterns. This is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing it quilted.